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-The term ‘Scallywagz Pet Services’ refers to any employee or volunteer working on behalf of Scallywagz Pet Services at any given time.

-The term ‘Owner’ refers to the person of whom the pet belongs, or who that pet’s responsibility has been charged to whilst employing the services of Scallywagz Pet Services.


Your Home:

-The owner allows and understands that Scallywagz Pet Services has access to your home through your chosen method. (Key, lock codes, access through gates, etc.).

-You allow Scallywagz Pet Services access to points in your home such as sinks, food storage areas, etc. so we can care for your pets.

-You understand that we will try our best to leave your home as found (pets are animals and can sometimes make a mess - don’t worry, we’ll clean up!) but Scallywagz Pet Services shall not be liable for any damage caused.

-The owner understands that if only one physical key is given Scallywagz Pet Services may create a copy for emergency situations.


Health and Safety:

-The owner is responsible and will ensure that all pets are clean and free of ticks, fleas, worms, or any form of active contagious illness.

-If ticks, fleas, worms, or any form of active contagious illness is found (or suspected) on your pet you will be informed immediately and be asked to seek veterinary treatment. If your pet is out of your home they will be returned, those staying with us will be quarantined with immediate effect and veterinary treatment will be arranged.

-A cleaning fee of £75 per vehicle will be applied if fleas are found on pets that have been transported in our care, an additional £200 will be added if they have visited our premises for Mucky Mutts or Hound Holiday. These charges will be automatically applied to your invoice, they are non-negotiable and must be paid within 14 days of invoice date.

-The owner is responsible and will ensure that all pets are up to date with vaccinations. Titre testing will be accepted. Scallywagz Pet Services will not accept any pets that have been infected with kennel cough in the past 14 days.

-All dogs must have a secure collar, provided by the owner - the only exception will be medical advisory from a vet. Other equipment such as harnesses and head collars can also be used.

-All dogs must have identity tags provided by the owner, in accordance with the Control of Dogs Order 1992.

-All dogs must be microchipped, in accordance with the 2016 legislation.

-The owner agrees that when required we can use our own equipment on your pets – this can include, but is not limited to harnesses, collars, coats and leads.


Injury, Risk and Liability:

-Scallywagz Pet Services will make every effort to contact the owner, or designated third party, in the event of an emergency. However, we reserve the right to make decisions regarding your pet’s health; provided it is at all times acting in the best interests of the pet and on the advice of a veterinary surgeon.

-In the event of a pet requiring veterinary treatment while with Scallywagz Pet Services, the owner will undertake to pay all resulting fees including expenses incurred for each veterinary visit.

-You understand that our primary vets are West Lakeland Veterinary Group, Egremont / Whitehaven and Galemire, Cleator Moor; and that these practices will most likely be used in an emergency due to the close location and established use.

-The owner is responsible to make full disclosure of any and all characteristic problems which might make your pet unsuitable for our services – this includes health problems and behaviour issues.

-Scallywagz Pet Services will not accept aggressive animals. Dogs must not have a history of having attacked people.

-Any pet demonstrating uncontrollable or dangerous behaviour will placed in the care of the emergency contact or other local pet care provider (i.e., kennels, cattery, etc); at the owner’s expense, plus an additional transfer fee of £100.

-Scallywagz Pet Services shall not be liable for any damage caused should your pet instigate fights with other animals, or should your pet be injured by another animal while in Scallywagz Pet Services care; this includes vet fees and third-party claims.

- The owner accepts full responsibility for any loss or damage caused by their pet whilst in Scallywagz Pet Services care.

- Scallywagz Pet Services is not held accountable for vet fees or third-party claims whilst your pet is in our care.

-Scallywagz Pet Services will follow instructions to administer medications as directed but cannot be held responsible for complications that arise as a result.

-The owner must inform us of an in-season bitch; or a bitch due to be in season.

-The owner must inform us of a bitch in pup, this will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


Dog Walks:

-You understand that your dog(s) will be walked with other dogs, from different households, unless otherwise stated.

-Dogs where safe will be allowed off their lead, unless you state otherwise.

-Scallywagz Pet Services will only let your dog off the lead if they feel they have good recall. You acknowledge that even well-trained dogs are instinctive and not always fully controllable by the walker even when the highest level of care is provided.

-Scallywagz Pet Services are not liable should your dog run away and/or injure themselves, cause any damage or injure a third party.

- You understand that in order for your dog to take part in our Group Expeditions or Mucky Mutts you must use our services at minimum once per week.


Booking a Service and Charges:

-The owner understands that all services must be booked via Scallywagz Pet Services website.

-Owners understand that a service is not booked unless confirmed by Scallywagz Pet Services via email. Where a deposit is required the booking is confirmed by payment and acceptance of said deposit (unless you are a regular / return customer**).

-The owner understands that if a specific service type or time is full you will be allocated the next suitable service.

-The owner acknowledges that we may need to change your service to fit in best with our team and schedule, this will only be done where appropriate and suitable for your pet.

-Our Hound Holiday, Mucky Mutts and Night Nanny services require a deposit of 50% (unless you are a regular customer, the full fee will be added to your standard monthly invoice); these are non-refundable and do not count towards cancellation fees.

-Bank Holidays (plus Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day, regardless of calendar day) incur an additional fee of 50%.

-Scallywagz Pet Services prices are none-negotiable and are subject to our current price list.

-Invoices are due on the date shown in the ‘payment terms’ of each individual invoice.

-A charge of 10% per day will be added to overdue invoices until paid.

-All prices are subject to change; owners will be given 30 days’ notice of any price changes.

-The owner will be responsible for all pets’ veterinary costs; Scallywagz Pet Services shall not be required to incur these costs on your behalf.

- We reserve the right to charge your account for all damages, this charge is to cover the cost of repair or replacement; this can include but is not limited to belongings, vehicles, and premises, acquired for both business and personal use - these charges are non-negotiable and will be charged as a regular invoice

** For regular / return customers the full fee may be added to your standard invoice. In the event of cancellation, the deposit and appropriate cancellation fee will be applied.


Delayed Returns:

-In the event of being delayed on return, you must inform Scallywagz Pet Services immediately. We will use our best endeavours to provide continued care for your pet(s), this will be at the owner’s expense.

-If unable to care for your pets(s) at this time we will make alternative arrangements.

-You understand that alternative arrangements will first be sought through your emergency contact – failure to provide care for you pets(s) will result in them being taken to a local pet care provider (i.e., kennels, cattery, etc); at the owner’s expense, this may incur additional transfer fee.


Time and Weather Conditions:

-The owner understands that their booked time slot is only an estimation, we make every effort to ensure we arrive at the given time, unfortunately unforeseen circumstances and road conditions may delay us.

-The owner understands that in adverse weather conditions that we are still open but will probably be delayed.

-We reserve the right in extreme weather conditions such as heavy snow, icy roads and pavements, thunder, and lightning, etc to cut walks and visits short for the safety of both walker and pet.

-The owner understands that on the exceedingly rare occasion that Scallywagz Pet Services are unable to visit your pet for any reason we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange alternative care.



-The owner agrees to inform us of any changes regarding your contact numbers, your pet’s care needs, your emergency contact details and other pertinent information.


By creating a Pet Sitter Plus account or signing your Consultation Sheet you are agreeing to all Terms and Conditions, our Cancellation Policies and Privacy Policy.


This policy was last updated on 1/12/2021

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