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Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions – hopefully, you can find what you need.

If you do have any other questions, or you need something explained further, please feel free to contact us.


What area do you cover?

We cover approximately a 5-mile radius from CA22 2PR

We are happy to travel further afield; although this will be assessed

on a personal basis and additional cost will occur to supply your

Canine Captain with extra fuel


How do I apply?

Please fill in our enquiry form HERE


Once submitted a 15-minute phone call will be arranged to

discuss your needs, then we will start the application process


What is the application process?

We have a multistep application process; we understand that this could be an inconvenience for you, but it is vital to ensure all pets are safe whilst in our care

To summarise the following must be completed:

  1. Getting to know you and your pet

  2. Joining our online booking system and taking part in your first service

  3. 4-week induction period

  4. 4-month trial period

  5. Your pet becomes a member of the team!


Can all dogs join your group walks?

Simple answer? No.


Group walks are only suitable for your average, friendly, family dog. In order for our group walks to be safe we have strict guidelines to follow – this allows all of the dogs to enjoy themselves and prevent unwanted behaviours within the group.


We will not accept any dogs that:

  • Are registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act

  • Have shown aggressive tendencies towards people or other dogs

  • Are unable to travel in a car or van

  • Bark or howl excessively

  • Pull excessively on the lead

  • Are destructive i.e. Chewing leads, crates, etc.


In season bitches will be assessed on a case by case basis as to whether they can join a group walk or not; this will depend entirely on the make-up of that particular group.


Can I meet you beforehand?

Absolutely! We provide a free phone call and consultation prior to any services so you are able to meet us face to face – we want you to be completely happy about the Canine Captain who will be taking your dog out / visiting your pet(s).


It also benefits your pet(s) for them to meet us in your presence, that way they know us before entering your home without you there.


How do I book?

If you are a new customer, you will need to register yourself and your pet(s) HERE; this will allow you to input your information into our database.

**Please only register if you have already had your free, no obligation, phone call and consultation with a Canine Captain member**


If you are a returning customer you will need to log in HERE; you will then have a series of steps to follow on screen to select the service, time, and days.


How do I pay?

We accept payment on an arrear’s basis – this means that you will be billed at the end of your service; regular customers will receive their invoice on the last day of each month.


Payment is due within 14 days of the invoice date.

Payments can be made via cash, bank transfer or via PayPal.


Bank Transfer: A direct payment into our bank account; for the ‘Payment Reference’ please use your pets name and your surname (I.E Buzz & Woody Wilson). If there are not enough characters available, please use just one pets name or initials (I.E Buzz Wilson / B & W Wilson).


Account Name: Amy Wilson

Sort Code: 20-66-97

Account Number: 83041468


Cash: Cash should be provided in a sealed envelope with your pet’s name, your last name and the month of your invoice written on the front (I.E Buzz & Woody Wilson - July).


PayPal: A direct payment into our PayPal account; for the ‘Payment Reference’ please use your pets name and your surname (I.E Buzz & Woody Wilson).


I work shifts, can you help?

Absolutely! Here at Scallywagz we pride ourselves in being flexible around you – both Amy and Alan work 7 days a week. As long as you’re able to provide a work rota or weekly bookings we’ll be able to cater to you! Last minute requests may also be accepted; just bear in mind availability when booking.


Do you need a key to my house?

Yes – we will require access to your house in order to care for your pet(s).


We prefer to use a secure key box; this requires you to provide us with the code; your keys will be returned to the box after each visit. If a key box is not your thing, please provide us with 2 sets of keys to keep – one for the Canine Captain visiting your pet(s) and the other for Amy.


All keys will be labelled with your pet’s name(s), never your address. All key codes will be stored securely and never with your address – safety is key when it comes to your pets and your home.


Do you take photos of my pets?

Yes, we try and take photos on every walk and visit we do – we sometimes forget, or the weather is against us, so please do not be disappointed if we are not able to get any!


Photos and videos taken are used on social media, our website and for advertising; some photos may be used for merchandise.


If you do not want us using photos of your pet(s), please let us know when booking and it will be noted on your file.


Will it be the same person each time?

Yes and no!


There are currently four Canine Captains in the team: Amy, Alan, Gemma, and Quentin.


Each Canine Captain has their usual area and walks that they cover – this means that you will most likely get the same Canine Captain if you are booked in for a regular service. However, sometimes we must change things around depending on what we have booked in and which Canine Captains are available on that particular day.



Can I specify a particular time?

No, we work all of our services in two-hour time blocks, depending on the type of service requested it will either be fully completed within this time frame or your pet will be collected. We find this is the best way to ensure your pet gets the attention and time they deserve rather than rushing around to hit time deadlines.


We try our best to stay within the time blocks, but delays do happen so please be patient if we are running a little behind!


We may be able to have exceptions provided we have the availability, and it is urgent, such as a pet that requires medication at an exact time.



Will my dog be off lead?



Where safe, and with your permission, dogs will be allowed off the lead to explore their surroundings and join in on fun games! Long lines are available for those with iffy recall; these are often used for dogs that are new to the team whilst we build up our bond.


What happens in bad weather?

We get wet!


Unless the weather is extreme, and we are unable to physically access your pet due to ice etc. your service(s) will still go ahead. If we unfortunately have to cancel your service(s) you and your chosen friend or neighbour will be informed to make alternative arrangements.


How do I know you have been?

At the end of the day, you will receive a service report, this will contain a description of what we got up to and couple of photos of your pet.


Please ensure your email is up to date on the booking system in order to receive your personalised updates.


Are you available on weekends and bank holidays?

Yes, weekends are available at our usual hours. Bank holidays are often shorter hours so please be sure to book in advance, there is also a 50% additional charge.


I am going away for a few days; can my dog(s) stay with you?

Yes! You can find our Hound Holiday information HERE.


What are your terms and conditions?

Please find our terms and conditions HERE.

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